Why Did We Become The Ones We Weren’t?

I’m writing this post in response to a piece I read recently by Rick Falkvinge. (Link)

The Cold War is a distant memory for some, many of the younger generation (myself included) are not aware of the fear of a real and present end of the world. The methods used by the Soviet Union are things we read about and for those of us who take note of history, see in our current world. However, those that remember the fear know best that the tactics used by the Eastern Bloc were those that worked for the purpose of controlling everything. Though we might cringe at that and hold ourselves above that shouting “Freedom” and waving our flags, we have become that which we hated because those in power can’t help see a system that was under control. In a world where the internet is a unknown mystery to many, a cornucopia of forums, boards and messaging services, we repress what we cannot control by any means necessary.


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