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Rebirth and Redesign


I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce the new NeuroReverb site. It has been redesigned in a few ways, some more evident that others. The obvious changes are the aesthetic ones: New layout, font, header, etc. What might be a bit more subtle is the focus this blog is going to take. I had originally envisioned this as a place to merely discuss matters pertaining to censorship and other matters. Now I’d like this to take a broader approach and discuss other matters that I find particularly interesting.

Over this past year I’ve learned many things and many of my outlooks have been altered or informed. This new year will be an interesting one and I look forward to all of your comments and feedback.




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Music Industry To Target College Students and Universities

This post is a response to an article that can be found: HERE


I came across the aforementioned article and wanted to say a few words about the state of things. At Southwestern (Adventist University), the ability to torrent has been disabled on the wireless network for performance reasons; however, over traffic to torrent sites and torrent tools, both legal and illegal, is restricted on all connections. That in itself is an entirely separate matter and at one point I went over that in a previous article on this blog: Piracy and Internet Censorship

The issue I wanted to talk about was the following paragraph:

“In July this year, the US put into effect a new requirement for colleges and universities to stop illicit file-sharing on their networks. This legislation puts defiant schools at risk of losing federal funding if they don’t do enough to stop illicit file-sharers on their campus.”

There are some issues I take with this. Who does it say controls the government if the entertainment industry can control university funding? Who decides whether what a university has done is enough? Why will this help?

1: Those with money control the government. I know we’d, myself included, like to believe that our democracy is a true representation of the will of the people, but let’s be honest. Lobbyists for many industries pay for senators and congressmen that will vote in their favor. Oil, Music, Logging, Automotive, and many others. They’ve recently had to limit the amount of gifts lobbyists can give to politicians yet again. It’s depressing.

2: My guess is that if this legislation doesn’t have the desired results, then the government will start restricting everyone who has not implemented draconian P2P reforms, but in the end that leads to #3.

3: Yes, it probably will stop piracy a bit, but the truth is that it will only momentarily delay the fall of label companies. Artists are getting more money that they ever have (In-depth Research), so there goes the excuse that loss of record sales is causing music artists to suffer. Many universities and colleges will probably implement reforms, but I worry about what precedent this sets.

I will not say piracy is correct, but the methods that are being used to deal with it are more harmful to America than piracy itself. I always worry when I see websites going to China to escape US censorship. Ironic, but sad.

A few thoughts until some other time.


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About 3-4 months ago I began playing a game called Minecraft. So what? Well, I believe I found something that brought me back to my days as a kid playing legos with all the elements of a virtual world. The premise is simple. You are alone in a world full of blocks of many shapes, colors, and sizes. You can destroy them, craft them, or even build with them. Colossal structures or humble cottages, it is your choice. But Wait, that sounds kinda boring? Well, depending on the settings you choose you can enjoy that blissful peace of spelunking and building, or you can add elements of danger. Come nightfall (If you should so choose) creatures attack: zombies, skeleton archers, little critters called creepers that like to explode violently, and many more to come.

The developer, who we affectionately refer to as Notch, took an old game and made it into a beautiful in-development experience. The game is only in the Alpha stages, so there are glitches, but the constant updates and the multiplayer forums are alway abuzz and though there are always trolls, the game is whatever you make it.

You can play the old game for free, or watch other people videos on Youtube, but I will personally vouch that out of every game I’ve bought over the course of my life, Minecraft is in the top 3. It has yet to be completed so I think it might surpass my favorite. Give it a try:


See you next time and Happy Thanksgiving


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The Rough Writers


For all of you out in the aether and for those a bit closer to home, I give you The Rough Writers. Southwestern Adventist University has its very our campus creative writing group. Though we’ve been around for a few years, we’ve only recently been admitted as the official club of the English department. However, this group is for everyone who enjoys creative writing, from novels to poetry, without regard to major.

Nowhere near that old.

A Recently Founded Writing Group.

Our weekly meetings take place from 5pm to 6pm in the Write-Spot, located in the back corner of the library, where we work together to better our ability with writing with feedback and suggestions in a friendly environment.

Admission is free, of course, but you’ll get half off if you bring a friend. So don’t hesitate to come in and have some fun.

We welcome everyone to visit our Rough Writers forum at: <roughwriters.proboards.com> Feel free to sign up and join the experience.

Until the next post…

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Hello World!

“Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!” – WordPress

If you are looking for my first post, you’ve found it. To begin with, my name, for all intensive purposes, is Scott. This blog is something I’ve been thinking about for a while, but I didn’t know if anyone would read it or care about it. Perhaps I’m committing a blogger taboo by revealing that, but that’s fine.

Main focus of this blog:

  • Information freedom (Various notes and links to cool sources for music, movies, etc.) All perfectly legal.

Subjects this blog may cover randomly:

  • Literature (As I am English Major, but I will mostly be writing about very odd books and not necessarily mainstream ones.) I hope you find them interesting.
  • History (My other major. I will not be giving lectures. Random tidbits and perhaps links to more info.)
  • Computers (Open source alternatives, New OSes, Online games, etc…)
  • Linguistics, Neuroscience, Sociology, Metallurgy, and random bits.

Hello World,

This phrase has originated with the computer programming world. Python, Perl, C, and other programming languages which have their difficulty evaluated by the time it takes to create a script that will spit out, ” Hello World!”. Like many of the memes (slogans, sayings, and whatnot) of the internet age they originate somewhat randomly. I’ll inform you of specific ones as they come to my attention, however I’ll leave you with one wikipedia link for a bit of further reading about one of my favorite internet memes: Godwins’s Law.

Until I post again.

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